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  1. Mike says:

    This is a comment – just watched the tutorials.

  2. Karim Mej says:

    Hello, I’m testing your Cabmaker32 software and when I try to change a value in Rules window an error message pops without changing it.

    when you send to render, stretchers don’t appear in Sketchup.

    It would be nice to add vertical divisions to a cabinet just like shelves are.

    Great piece of sotware

    • admin says:


      Thankyou for finding the bug. I found and fixed the bug that caused the error message.
      There is a new version available for download

      I will add your suggestions as feature requests.

    • eyes_in_charge says:

      What is the error message?

      There is a work around for rendering with Sketchup 2015 and 2016. Problem is that Trimble changed their folder and file structures and cabmaker32 is trying to place a file in a folder that no longer exists.

      Please go to the
      and contact me

      I will then email you directly.

  3. guanjin says:

    Successful Chinese language is not set

  4. Florida John says:

    Hi, I just installed and used this program for the first time, Wow it’s so easy love it. Later today I’ll take a better look at the other programs.
    Thank YOU

  5. vladimir says:

    Hi. I just have tried a Door Maker plugin in Sketchup 2014 and repeated every action like in tutorial video. But i got a problem: gaps between the door located on the corner cabinet and the doors located on left and right adjacent cabinets do not appear. The doors just simply overlap. So i had to do additional calculations to shift points before using overlay. May be there was any trick i had missed in a video? Thanks/

    • eyes_in_charge says:

      Corner doors are more difficult. There is no trick. What I do is set up construction points where I want the door to go for corner cabinets. It also depends upon what type of hinge you are using. In some cases you might want each door to stop x mm from the actual corner. In some cases you might want the right door to go to the corner – some gap and the left door to almost butt up against it. So we really can’t do all that math for you automatically. I will send you an email showing you what I mean.

  6. Fer2014 says:

    For now I only manufacture dressers and bookcase in a few months kitchen cabinets again, I am trying to build a bookcase with 3 hangers (nailers) in inches ans says character not recognize, also sounds funny to say the least I live across the border and although I very familiar with the metric system, for wood working I use imperial, unless I am doing euro cabs.. so far you program seems good, I got rip off form Cabinet Vision Solid never gave me my permanent codes still waiting after months , as far as Design CAd can it be subtituded by Turbocad, Autocad , please advise Happy Easter , is more likelly that I will buy the software next week , I own Cut list Gold …

    • eyes_in_charge says:

      Program is suppose to fully support inches and metric. If you could provide me with more information. Have you set default “data entry” and “reporting units” in options? This will be used when you create a new project.

      I have provided a Master Bath job (metric) and also Master Bath – Inches. Please note that it uses a rule file and a materials file that are set up in inches. The job is set up for inches in fractions.

      If the project is set up for data entry metric then you must enter mm. If the project is set up for data entry fractions then enter feet and inches or just inches or even decimal inches.

      You can also give any of the data entry boxes a simple formula and it will calculate for you. for example, 96.5 / 4. You can use parenthesis (96 + 2) / 5

      Although you own cut list gold – the next version of CutMasterPro will give you dxf drawings that include drilling and routing information. This will take you to CNC routing or just draw out cutting diagrams complete with your drilling and routing.

      I only support Sketchup and DesignCad. You could install the free version of Sketchup version 7 or 8 (both work really well). Sketchup is really simple to use and very accurate. There are some relatively inexpensive add on Rendering engines. I can provide you with more information if you wish.

  7. davelukasek says:

    I had both Sketchup 8 and Sketchup 2014 installed. CabMaker32 rendered the cabinets in SU8, however, my 3DConnexion device did not work although the light was on indicating that its drivers were loaded. I then uninstalled SU8, made sure that the path in CM32 showed SU2014 for rendering, but, though I tried several times, I cannot get any cabinets to appear in SU2014. CM32 launches SU2014 OK, but no cabinets appear. I would simply use SU8 except I really want to take advantage of the benefits of using the Space Navigator. Any suggestions?

    • eyes_in_charge says:

      SU2013 and SU2014 do not work when called from a 3rd party software like CabMaker32. I have SU7, SU8, SU2013 and SU2014 installed. I set up CabMaker32 to run with SU8.

      I talked to the author of Mozaik software and he has the same problem – Mozaik supports SU7 and SU8 but not the current ones.

      You could run SU8 for the rendering, save the file and then open it up in SU2014 to do additional work.

  8. tagco says:

    Can you make a custom door such as a 4 panel?

    • eyes_in_charge says:

      You can only make door styles from the supplied list of styles.
      The only customization you can do (other than size and materials) has to do with custom profiles.

  9. brunko says:

    I have just instaled GKWare Stair Maker, registered but still after click to run the plugin I got this message: Do you want to set up a trial for the Stair maker? …
    I put my ID and pasword and nothing happens.

    • eyes_in_charge says:

      This can happen if you do not have file write permissions for your plugins folder.
      inside the plugins folder there is a folder called gkware_stairmaker. Please set permissions for this folder.
      This also applies to gkware_doormaker

  10. Szabi says:

    How can i u shape stair design?

  11. pvn says:

    хотел бы приобрести плагин для создания кухонных фасадов но у меня не получается создать свой проблема с внутриним наполнением если можно покажите как делать заранее спасибо

  12. Dennis Smith says:

    Do I understand correctly that CabMaker 32 does not work with Sketchup 2015 ?

  13. geoffparry says:

    Hi I am trying to use the trial download for stairmaker, I have Sketchup 2014 and Windows XP.
    Tried to follow your instructions but renaming file .zip doesn’t work for me?

    • eyes_in_charge says:

      Sketchup 2014 main menu / Window / Preferences / Extensions
      Click “Install Extension” and navigate to your downloads folder and pick the file that has the rbz extension

  14. Draygib says:

    Can I make cabinets with face frames?

  15. cridd424 says:

    Hello Just started test driving CabMaker 32 for Sketchup. So far I am liking the many options and the ability to design the cabinets the way I manufacture them in my shop. The only major function I am not seeing is the ability to add rabbet and dado joinery to the cabinet sides for the tops and bottoms. Please let me know if this will be in a future update or perhaps if I’m just missing something as this is the only thing holding me back from purchasing the pro version. Here are a few suggestions I would also love to see in future updates.
    2.Finished toe kick covering (1/4′)
    3.Hinges/ drawer slides to calculate for export to Cutlist Plus (other Items)
    4. 32mm/ 5mm boring for adjustable shelves and hardware
    5. And/ or the ability to add my own hardware, joinery, boring, etc… to a cabinet and have it save to library for the next job.
    Everything else is amazing. This plugin can be an incredible time saver. Keep up the great work!

    • eyes_in_charge says:

      Please email me from the Contact page for further communication.

      It just so happens that I am in the middle of adding rabbet’s / dado’s to side panels for tops and bottoms.
      CabMaker Gold has 6 reports whereas Pro version only has a cabinet listing report.

      There are two parts reports that you can use with CutMasterPro, Cut List Plus or MaxCut.
      One of the Gold reports is a hardware listing and includes hinges, drawer slides and shelf supports.

      CutMaster Gold (to be released this spring) will have a dxf export for nexting in CNC routers.
      The visual cutting list will show line boring and construction boring etc.
      Moldings are covered by other plugins

  16. dealybob says:

    I can’t get the trial to work…give an error -23 any suggestions?

    • eyes_in_charge says:

      Please contact me this way – then we can email back and forth.

      Error -23 is unknown password. You need to create an account on my web site
      Then register the plugin with the same user id and password.

      Sometimes we key something in wrong – I know I do from time to time.

  17. Jordyn@Skydell says:

    Is it possible to do an inverted cabinet? With the drawer on the bottom and doors on top? That is how we do sink bases. Thanks!

  18. andrewblood says:

    Having a little trouble… I am pretty sure I’ve only installed this (trial version) cabinet maker pro software (version 1.0.38) on this one computer. I just tried to activate the trial period with an initial sign in and it always says “Web Service error code: -25, error user registered on another computer. Please notify”

    The only piece of your software I’ve activated previously was the cabinet door maker and it worked very well, but that was also on this computer. Anything you can do to help?

  19. msalamoni says:

    I would like to install new materials in the library to pick from, is this possible?

  20. says:

    Hi, where I can buy a license for cabmaker?

  21. Davarpanah says:

    How to find and share library between two computers ? Mac and windows.

  22. stjameswhitting says:

    Hi Gary,

    I downloaded and upgrade last week. Since then I have not been able to use the extension. Says the trail period has expired. I ahd paid for the

    I had sent you and email last Friday to sort the problem out and just had another email I sent as a follow up it has bounced.

    Could I please have it resolved as I have projects that I need to be finish this coming week.

    Paypal receipt no Receipt No: 1405-7995-2032-0017


    Ian Cleland
    SUCH Developments
    Sydney Australia

  23. stjameswhitting says:

    Thank you for the fix

    Still, have a question. I can still not send emails to your email address. Googled what a 503 error. Still, does not work


  24. Ladlema says:

    The plugin has suddenly stopped working (ver. 2.0.99). I purchased a perpetual license back in April 2017. Now, I get the following error code and the plugin no longer functions:

    “undefined method ‘each_pair’ for nil:NilClass”

    Also, the plugin has been marked “trail” version expired, like forever, even though I purchased it. Does this have something to do with the sudden error code?

    And finally, is it possible to get a license file downloaded to my computer, a dongle or something? After paying almost $100 for a plugin, this has really unnerved me!

    Thanks in advance for any help on this!

    • Ladlema says:

      Okay, problem resolved. It turns out that I’d been sent a license email after purchasing the plugin but it went to my spam folder. Since I wasn’t expecting an email I’d never checked my spam. The plugin had been in trail mode all this time –hence the cryptic error message.

      Support was great and my issue has been resolved –very quickly I might add!!

      Thanks again –the plugin is now properly licensed and working! Hooray!

  25. RC Russell Designs says:

    Can you change the stain color for example on the imperial shaker?

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