CabMaker32 History

NOTE: The complete history is in the help file.

Version – Oct 20, 2014
1. Changed Copy Protection strategy.
2. Changed link to web site.

Version – May 5, 2014
1. Recompiled to get Copy Protection working.

Version – Ju1 24, 2013
1. Added 2 new rules: Extend back to floor and Tenon Backs.
2. Modified a number of parts calculations to handle new rules.
3. Modified Rules report.
4. Fixed a number of bugs.

Version – Ju1 12, 2013
1. Editor Hints were only metric. Moved hint to Spinner control.
2. Added Ctrl Up and Ctrl Dn. Increments, Decrements by 10.
3. Metric input was difficult to type in values. Fixed.
4. Added 5 new rules: Integrated Kicks, Split Tops, shelf, stretcher, hanger and drawer dado’s.

Version – Jun 24, 2013
1. Measurement fields in Rules editor had a bug. Fixed.
2. General Maintainance.

Version – May 24, 2013
1. PartID numbers were starting at 0. This is now changed to start at 1.
2. Fixed Printer Dialog. Did not honor the print range.

Version – May 19, 2013
1. Added option to export parts list to CutMaster Pro.
2. Modernized look and feel with new graphics.

Version – Apr 19, 2013
1. Added Sketchup Door Maker plugin.
2. Modified Sketchup file formats.

Version – Apr 05, 2013
1. Added more door types. Cabmaker32 now works with 22 door types which includes Arch, Cathedral and Square panel raised doors.
2. Fixed a few bugs including creating the Jobs folder (Thanks Dean).

Version – Mar 14, 2013
1. Fixed Design Cad rendering for nested components like doors and drawers.
2. Fixed Component naming for sketchup rendering.
3. Added Adjust all button to adjust cabinet placement.
4. Added auto placement for library cabinets.

Version – Mar 4, 2013
1. Automatic Updates. CabMaker32 optionally checks for updates at startup.
2. Added in complete support for decimal inches and fractional inches. Projects can be millimeters or inches.

Version – Feb 22, 2013
1. Calculation for Hanger Length for all corner cabinets did not take back dado depth into consideration. Fixed.
2. Angled Cabinets need to allow for 2 doors. Fixed.
3. Only Standard Cabinets can have more than 1 Drawer.
4. Angled, Blind and Return Cabinets cannot have Drawers.
5. Angled Cabinets can have 0 or 1 Drawer Front but no Drawer. Fixed.
6. Sink and Angled cabinets should be constrained to 0 or 1 drawer front. Fixed.
7. Clone a job – this allows you to store more than one set of cabinets for quoting etc.
8. Moved FilterNull Function into sql layer.
9. Blind Cabinets now make use of Return Width as Blind Width.
10. Blind Cabinets now have a Blind Panel made out of same material as the Box.
11. Blind Panel is edged on the door hinge side.
12. Shelf Edging was not calculating. Fixed.
13. Edging calculation for Angled and Return cabinets was wrong. Fixed.
14. Cabinet Name now editable – defaults to Category.
15. Removed the return type – left or right.
16. Added Librarian capabilities. Library Name is in options.
17. Adjusted Add Cabinet to work the same as Add Library.
18. Cleanup objects – ready to store CAD information along with most parts.
19. Added summary option – Meters or Feet.
20. Added hinge count and Slide count.
21. Added library name to Options.
22. Added Design Cad cabinet rendering.
23. Added drawer Bottom Dado Offset and Drawer Front Overhang just for drawing.
24. Added render section for cabinets.
25. Added cabinet variables for rendering. Height Above Floor, From Left, In Front, Mirror, Finished Panel on right.
26. Added Uppers above floor in rules to facilitate drawing.
27. Added upper cabinet above floor auto calculation.
28. Added cabinet position assist based on cabinet follows cabinet.
29. Added Item cost to Materials Editor.
30. Material width to 2 decimal places. Also, 12 rules are handling 2 decimal places.
31. Show Cabinet number of drawing.
32. Added filter for walls.
33. Finished Panels now have an offset ( from the top cabinet edge ) for drawing.
34. Added Fillers. Left and or Right. Set Width and it will draw.
35. Each cabinet by default uses the Job’s Rules and Materials. Added a per cabinet override. Each cabinet can now have it’s own Rules and Materials.
36. Added Door Styles and door editor.
37. Only flat panel doors and drawers are in material list.
38. Added counter tops including splashes for 3D drawing.
39. Added toe kicks for 3D drawing.
40. Added a Door / Drawer / Finished End list.
41. Added Finished Back.
42. Added Sketchup cabinet rendering.
43. Change default width and return width to 900.
44. Added File Dialog to options.
45. Moved Data into Libraries\Documents\Public Documents\CabMaker32\.
46. Fixed a couple of spelling mistakes. Dadoe should be Dado.

Version – Dec 20, 2012
1. The Update and Cancel buttons are enabled when the program detects that some change has been make.
2. If you make changes and do not click Update and then move to another cabinet, the program now asks if you want to save your changes.
3. Editing the note is now on the main. It was simpler to treat the note like any other specification. The Note form is no longer used.
4. Added some more sorting to the lists. The sort direction and sort order now appears as a hint.
5. Printing displays sort order.
6. Printing handles the note better – Records that require more room for notes now automatically adjust size to accomodate the extra text.
7. Create documentation for CabMaker32.